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More nutritious. More delicious. More natural. Better.

There are two major issues with our food system in our country:

Our food is making us sick, and the way we are producing it is destroying the environment. I created Better Almond Butter to be a part of the change we need in order to fix our food system and start bringing real and nutritious food back to our tables in the most sustainable way possible.

The core principle for Better Almond Butter is to create the most wholesome, natural and delicious food products in a responsible way, simply put – better food made a better way. I’m a firm believer that the future does not just occur passively, but that it’s created by the actions and ideas of individuals and organizations. Every decision I make with Better Almond Butter is to make sure it’s a company that is part of those actions and ideas that bring about the necessary future of our food system. But definitely let us worry about saving the world, we just want you to enjoy the almond butter!

- Jordyn Gatti Founder/CEO

Why sprouted?

Sprouting is the process of soaking the almonds in water until they begin to germinate. We do this because all almonds have enzyme inhibitors that make them difficult to digest and prevent your body from absorbing all of their nutritional value. The only way to break down these enzyme inhibitors is by sprouting the almonds.

Why unpasteurized?

Did you know ALL U.S. grown almonds are pasteurized? Pastueurization is a process that destroys flavor and nutritional value. Most U.S. pasteurization occurs by gassing the almonds in a chemical called propylene oxide (PPO). PPO is considered a probable carcinogen and is illegal to use on food in most other countries in the world. Our almonds come from an organic farm in Spain where, unlike the U.S., pasteurization is not required. With all of their nutrition and flavor intact, our unpasteurized Spanish almonds are truly raw and are able to be fully sprouted.